Welcome to White Glove Fiction starring Jack Rabbit.

Hello My name is Rabbit, Jack Rabbit, and welcome to my story. Since the Great Spirit has bestowed me with eternal life, power over time and the ability to shape shift, I have gone on many escapades. WGF invites all fiction writers to join in creating fantastic titles featuring Jack Rabbit.  Each adventure stands alone and tells a tall tale staring Jack Rabbit.  Authors may choose to write for juvenile, young adult or adult Genres.

A salute to Fiction Genre Authors, the concept of White Glove Fiction is for writers to author fiction titles using the main character Jack Rabbit.  All other settings, Time, Place, Characters, etc are the Authors to imagine and create.

The Series is open to any and all Fiction. The goal is for many authors to write books for this series. You can Author one or multiple books to add to this series

White Glove Fiction is a Fiction Only book publisher.

WGF is looking for authors between projects to join a host of other authors in writing adventures for the main character, Jack Rabbit.

Read why Jack Rabbit is the super hero of all titles in the WGF series